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Investing in our future

Psalm 139 verse 14 tells us, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful..."  We want to fully invest in the future of  today's children.  One of the ways we want to do this is to be faithful in letting them know that God fully loves them and that they are beautifully and wonderfully made.  God doesn't make mistakes and God doesn't make junk.  Each child has value.  Each child is precious.  We want them to know this and to believe this.

In addition, we want them to be safe here.  That is why we are a Safe Sanctuary campus.  Here we have safety rules and guidelines that are followed to maintain our facility as a safe haven for children and youth.  Please know that we strive to take every meaningful precaution to keep your children and grandchildren safe while in our presence.

Please contact Jane long if you would like to take the safe Sanctuary class.


This is our plan

We have found that most people don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.  At A Church Called Christ, we have a plan. Our plan, our  passion, is to raise children who love God, see value in others, and have a heart for serving God.  Ultimately, we pray that they will  live a life that reflects Jesus Christ to a hurting world.  However, we know all too well that we cannot force that to happen.

We realize that we cannot make the next generation grow up to be disciples of Jesus. We can, with God’s help, create environments that make this more likely to happen. Here’s what we want to do:  Partner with parents to help you raise your family in the Christian faith.

Our plan, as you might imagine from a Church, is rooted in Scripture. Luke 2, to be exact. Luke 2:40-52 paints a brief picture of Jesus’  childhood and, if you read it closely, also a picture of the kind of environment in which Jesus was raised.

We want to partner with you to create the same environments for your family, namely: 1-A Family that Practices the Faith Together (Luke 2:42), 2- A Community of Trustworthy Family and Friends (Luke 2:44), and 3-A Church the Whole Family Can Love (Luke 2:49).  Please make a commitment to partner with us: for your sake, for your families sake, for heavens sake.



king's kids

Our King's Kids choir is a wonderful opportunity for our children to share in the gift of music with our Church.  Our kids sing roughly once a month at one of our services.  They also go out into the community, on occasion, to share their gifts and talents.

Currently, they are meeting on Sundays to practice.  The Kindergarten through 3rd grade meet at 9:10am.  The 4th grade through 8th grade meet at 10:45am.  There is always room for more!  For additional information contact Susan Upton.


At His Feet Dancers

A dance group for kids & teens

(ages 3-18)


Interested in Serving?

We would love for all of our parents to be a part of our Children's Ministry. Pick up an application from the

Check-In table and help make our church a great place for kids and their families to be!