MomentS in time that have guided the direction of

A Church Called Christ 


  • August 5, 1962 was ground breaking for the church building which was completed.
  • The first service held on April 7, 1963.
  • By 1964 there were 212 members and we shared our ministry with Mt. Hermon Church.


  • In 1981 a fellowship hall/education building was erected behind the sanctuary.
  • Norma Bailey was our pastor from July 1988 until September 2007.
  • In 1991, a second service was added.
  • Jan 1997, we had grown to 4 services on the weekends.
  • Nov 2001 we completed building a new sanctuary and converting the old sanctuary into a fellowship hall. The old fellowship hall was converted to classrooms and the kitchen was enlarged.
  • Jan 2003, we began broadcasting a church service on PAC 14.
  • By 2005 we had paid off the mortgage on the new sanctuary.
  • July 2008, Bill Green became our new Pastor.
  • Feb 2011, Linda Pevey became Pastor of Discipleship and later our Associate Pastor.
  • June 2011, celebrated our 50th Anniversary.
  • Aug 2013, Tom Blackford became our full time youth pastor.
  • July 2016, total membership was 582.